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“Tricia, Beth and Kathy, have collaboratively designed an apprenticeship program that generously shares the personal and practical experiences they’ve encountered in their many years working with the labyrinth. The apprentice has the opportunity ‘to sit at the feet of the masters’ while discovering the historical, the sacred and the many resources (tools, kits, music, themes, rituals) available to further pursue the study of the labyrinth.  Most importantly, these 3 gifted women establish the necessary network for like-minded individuals to come together and share in the future.  This program was inspiring, informative, and fun.”

—an Apprentice

“A beautiful walk in beautiful community, always a blessing.”

—from a walker, Wellesley Village Church 2/8/06

Are You New To Labyrinths? Curious About Them?

Are You A Labyrinth Enthusiast?

Are you an experienced labyrinth walker? Wanting to take your experience to the next level?  Wishing to meet others on the Path? Then we invite you to connect with us.

The Labyrinth Guild of New England was formed in 1999 to:

  • help create a community of labyrinth walkers
  • explore a deeper sense of the Spirit and wisdom that the labyrinth reveals
  • witness the manifestations of the labyrinth in each other
  • support each other in the creativity that the labyrinth awakens
  • learn from each other, teach each other
  • and celebrate all the labyrinths in homes, and houses of worship, schools, hospitals and community centers all over New England!


A world in which the labyrinth is widely used as a spiritual tool to nurture and empower peace, harmony, healing, and understanding for ourselves and others, individually and collectively.

Become a Partner

Become a Partner

Join others in helping us achieve our goal of purchasing a new labyrinth and honor yourself and those you love.

Labyrinth Locator

Labyrinth Locator

Our locator will help you find out about labyrinths around New England.

Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeship Program

Interested in learning more about labyrinths? Our Apprenticeship Program may be just what you are looking for right now.

Labyrinth Resources

Labyrinth Resources

Looking for labyrinth builders or products? Our resources page can help.

Labyrinth Canvas Rental

Canvas Rental

Take a look at the 5 different size and pattern labyrinths for rent in the greater Boston area.

What is a Labyrinth?

What is a Labyrinth?

Why walk it? What has made it so popular? Is it just a New Age thing or the rediscovery of an ancient sacred path?

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